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'30 Seconds To Fap' is a game in which you have 30 seconds to ejaculate before your parents return home.

This game features two game modes:

  1. Story Mode - The user reads little slides creating a little story behind the game (this also includes instructions) with 5 levels that become more difficult as you progress. (Level 5 has a little suprise too, if you can find it...)
  2. Survival Mode - The user has to masterbuate for as long as he can- unaware when his parents are going to walk through the door. The user must simply guess and press 'P' to pull up his trousers at the right moment.


  • Your semen bar needs to be full before time runs out.
  • Press 'Spacebar' to fap and advance your semen bar.
  • In Survival, press 'P' to pull up/down your trousers.
  • In Survival, you can prevent getting caught when your mother comes in by having your trousers pulled up.
Published Sep 06, 2014
AuthorJS Games
Made withConstruct
Tags30, 8-Bit, Arcade, click, danger-wank, fap, Fast-Paced, masturbate, spam, Time Attack
Average sessionA few minutes
InputsKeyboard, Mouse
AccessibilityOne button