Some friendly tips:

  • Use 'Arrow Keys' and 'WASD Keys' to move Jak.
  • You can horizontally walk through and jump through rainbow blocks, so be careful when walking up rainbow stairs.
  • Jump on top of enemies to squish 'em. (Some enemies cannot be squished so you have to find alternative methods of getting rid of them.)
  • Lava is bad, obviously.
For many years, bean hunters have searched high and low for the legendary beans of 'Zhah'. But none has proved successful.

But one day, a boy by the name of 'Jak' was walking through the local forest, y'know, because he can, at least he's outside instead of stuck on the computer like you, stop questioning his freedom. Uhh. Anyway. Yeah he was walking until he found a strange pit with a staircase. Upon entry he felt a strange feeling in his stomach. Like a hunger. In the corner of his eye, he saw a blue ominous glow.

It was the glorious glow from the legendary bean of 'Zhah'!

Jak was unaware of the consequences of eating this bean, and his stomach called him to eat it. And so he did.

Big mistake.

Upon eating the bean, Jak was plunged into a technicoloured whirlpool as his stomach churned and his head shook. It suddenly all stopped.

Jak was in a bright, colourful world full of strange floating eyeballs and faces hidden in the sky and even in the terrain.

He must consume the other 20 beans to escape this technicoloured world, defeating bosses and obstacles as he goes.


*23 levels (incl. challenges and boss battles)

*4 boss battles

*3 Challenge levels.

*A diverse range of enemies with unique abilities (just wait till you get to the higher levels).

*Other fancy things like medipacks and buttons.

*Throwing onion rings at giant evil beans.

Published Aug 24, 2014
AuthorGames by Jake:
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Tagsarrow-keys, bean, fart, Magic, squatting, wasd-keys