Update 1.2.1 | What's New?


Two years after Seahorse Shooter’s initial release, it has gone through a couple of updates; mostly minor fixes and slight additions/modifications. However, this update focused to add a little more.

The Graphics

The main focus of this update was to improve the graphics - the original window size was made at 320px X 180px, due to the game’s pixel art styled sprites. This low resolution resulted in disastrous upscaling that made all sprites appear hideous. Therefore, everything was upscaled x4 (native window size now being 1280px X 720px), allowing for a much cleaner and crisp image.

As well as this, several sprites have been redesigned completely. Check out the image below to spot the differences.

Image of before and after the graphical update.

What’s New?

Apart from the graphics, several additions and fixes have been made to the game:


  • Upgrades have been added; such as invincibility, police nuke, health pickups etc.
  • The player can now obtain the police rocket launcher and fire it for themselves! (Available through the new upgrades).
  • The armoured police seahorse is now a fearsome enemy that you’ll have to face whenever obtaining over 3,000 points.
  • You now may skip the initial cutscene through the use of a handy button.


  • Graphics upscale.
  • Text does not warble as much.
  • Civilians spawn more frequently.
  • Police spawn more frequently.
  • Several sound effects have been cut or replaced with preferable variations.
  • The amount of police and civilian health now varies per instance, rather than all being the same.
  • Each horizontal end of the map is now blocked, meaning you cannot move off the screen and wrap to the other side in order to escape police.


  • "Death" sound is not played multiple times anymore upon being shot anymore.
  • The "shoot" dialogue is positioned correctly now, rather than being to one side as it previously was.
  • Police don’t cease to spawn upon switching between gamemodes.

Known Bugs:

  • Sometimes civilians/police seem to be immune to bullets and require additional shooting to kill (this is not due to the health randomisation change).
  • Many upgrade bubbles begin to spawn when the player dies.
  • Sometimes after playing a second game, the police will not shoot bullets anymore and will only use rockets.


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Aug 07, 2017

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