After Jak debunks the myth of the legendary beans of Zhah, life returns to a grim but peaceful status.

Jak decides to go back to his homeland of Banterania in the quest for a girlfriend. He consults his friend Hairy, who suggests he should get some chocolates first.

As Jak obtains the chocolates, he is abducted and confronted by a floating head known as The Voice of Infinite Wisdom, the leader of Zhahland. The Voice informs Jak that when he visited before (in the first game) and killed all those creatures, he actually killed The Voice's army.

The Voice makes a deal with Jak to give him lot's of chocolates in exchange for him conquering castles and defeating the enemy invaders.


  • Title Music - Kevin Macleod (Incompetech)
  • Overworld1 - Kevin Macleod (Incompetech)
  • Overworld2 - Kevin Macleod (Incompetech)
  • Boss1 - Kevin Macleod (Incompetech)
  • Boss2 - Alex Savage (OMFG)
Published Aug 07, 2015
AuthorGames by Jake:
Made withConstruct 2
Tags2D, Boss battle, jak