If the game happens to freeze after you die, please wait at least 20 seconds before refreshing the page.


This is a story about Fat Donny- a person who craved for a lot of things. But mostly craved for a world with with watermelon trees, chocolate rivers, turkish delight mountains. He despised his area; full of nothing but slimey salads and obnoxious oats. Vegetables and other healthy foods littered the land, and Fat Donny couldn't take this anymore. So he set out to find the Land Of Food.

He slapped on his best t-shirt (which didn't fit him) and set out to find the Land Of Food, tackling salads and other foodstuffs as he went along using his home-made chip gun and strong farting abilities.


This game is a standard platformer game- controls will be standard WASD or Arrow Keys and will also feature a double-jumping mechanism which will be an infinite way of pwning your enemies (the chip gun has ammo).


The game will features:

  • In-game consumeables - These will be short boosts in times where you may find the level difficult.
  • Currency - The currency will be cookies which can be then traded for upgrades.
  • Upgrades - Things to improve your skill/healh related fitness aspects (what fitness?) and improve weapons and armour.
  • Permanant food items - Will probably be awarded exclusively for difficult tasks, but will also be given at the end of complentary levels. These food items will improve your fart regeneration and strength.